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Coverage Exclusions

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50

We have nothing to hide! We want you to know exactly when buying our product in which cases insurance does not provide protection. The main exceptions to insurance coverage are listed on this page.

We remind you that under the VMTPL policy you cannot receive payment for the costs of repairing your personal vehicle. VMTPL implies the payment of expenses for the repair of another's vehicle or other property that you damaged, as well as expenses for harm to the life or health of other victims.

Under the standard VMTPL contract, expenses are not paid if the damage was caused:

  • during the operation of the vehicle by the insurant (the insured person), during competitions, tests, or during a training drive in specially designated places
  • when transporting passengers and / or goods for a fee
  • as a result of the intentional actions of the victim
  • due to force majeure circumstances, i.e. extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions
  • as a result of driving a vehicle by the insurant (the insured person) who is in a state of alcoholic (narcotic, toxic) intoxication or under the influence of medications, the use of which is contraindicated in driving
  • due to the use of the vehicle in a damaged condition, if the accident occurred due to the damaged condition.
  • in case of operation of the vehicle without a valid CMTPL agreement
  • if the vehicle is used by a person who does not have legal grounds for this (the driver does not have a driver’s license or other documents required by law, or the operation of the vehicle is prohibited by law)
  • in the territory where a state of emergency is officially declared
  • in case of failure to comply with the rules established by the vehicle manufacturer
  • if the driver fled or willingly left the scene of the accident or refused to take an alcohol test.

Be sure to contact and provide all the necessary documents to the insurance company as soon as possible. Long term inaction, as well as the provision of false documents to the insurance company is also basis for refusing to pay damages.

Under the terms of the Insurance Rules, the Insurer will not indemnify: non-pecuniary damage, lost profits, loss of income, other non-direct and commercial losses, such as fines, hotel accommodation during the settlement of the insured event, travel expenses, expenses for telephone calls, losses associated with terms of delivery of goods and production of services and so on.

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