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Coverage exclusions

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50:24

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We have nothing to hide! We want you to know exactly in which cases insurance does not provide protection when buying our product. The main exceptions to insurance coverage are listed on this page.

The expenses incurred are not reimbursed under the standard CASCO policy if:

  • The driver, who was driving an insured car, fled from the scene of a traffic accident
  • The car was damaged or stolen as a result of deliberate actions that you committed, the person who was driving (to whom you entrusted the management of your car) or passengers.

Example: Your friend asked for your car to show off in front of a girl. On the way, they got into a fight, in the heat of the moment the girl struck the headlight with a stone, as a result your iron horse became one-eyed.

  • You have entrusted driving of the vehicle:

- to a person not specified in the contract as a person authorized to drive the car

- to a person who does not have a driver’s license of the corresponding category

- a person who was intoxicated (alcoholic, narcotic, toxicological) regardless of the degree

Example: At a wedding, you got pretty drunk, so you asked your friend, who was much more sober than everyone else, to drive. As a result, leaving the parking lot he neatly “kissed” the guardhouse. The insurance company does not cover this expense.

  • If the car was used outside the insurance territory

Example: This is as easy as shelling peas. If your policy is valid only in the territory of Armenia, and you decided to take off to Batumi on your car and got into an accident there, then we will not pay your repair costs.

  • Use of the insured car in competitions, trials, races. You shouldn’t be doing that!
  • Use of the insured car as a training vehicle.
  • Transportation of the insured car by any means of transport (including the process of loading, unloading). Here we won’t be able to help you.

Example: If you decide to transport a Zhiguli car to the United States by plane, and the car is damaged on the way there, we will not be able to pay for repairs under the CASCO agreement. To get coverage from these risks, you should purchase a cargo insurance policy.

  • Exposure to a nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • Military operations, maneuvers or other military events, civil war, confiscation, seizure, arrest or destruction of the insured car by order of state authorities (these exceptions are classic and apply to force majeure situations)
  • Using open flame sources to heat the car engine. We strongly recommend that even in emergency situations (for example, when you are late for a date, and the car just won’t start) use safer methods, this is in your interests
  • Factory defect or defect during repair.
  • Faulty brake system (Failures of the brake system).
  • Fire or explosion during loading, unloading or transportation of combustible or explosive substances and objects, if the insured car is not intended for such purposes.
  • Malfunctions of electrical equipment, including wiring.
  • Breakdown, malfunction, failure of parts, assemblies, package units.
  • In case of non-return of the insured car to the Insurant (Beneficiary), if the insured car has been transferred for rental, leasing, for use.

Under the CASCO agreement, the following are not considered to be insured events:

  • damage to tires, rims, decorative caps, if this is not associated with damage to other assemblies, parts or package units of the car;
  • spot damage to the paintwork without damaging the part (chips);
  • theft of wheels and / or decorative caps if they were stolen without causing damage to the insured car itself;

Example: You leave the car at night in the yard, under the windows, in the morning you go out to go to work, and the car without wheels. We do not reimburse such expenses under the CASCO policy.

  • theft of the insured car together with the registration documents (certificate of car registration) left in it and / or ignition keys, active and passive activators of any anti-theft systems, keys from the mechanical anti-theft devices that the vehicle is equipped with, except for cases of car theft resulting from robbery or mugging;
  • theft of the insured car, if the insured car was left with unlocked doors, open windows, not activated (not turned on) mechanical and electronic anti-theft systems;

Example: You went out to buy a bottle of water, and when returned there was no car. Whenever you get out of the car, take the keys with you and turn on the anti-theft system if you have it installed.

  • theft of additional equipment or car parts that were at the time of theft separate from the insured vehicle;

Example: If, when leaving the car, you removed the wheel rims and put them in a backpack, and the backpack was stolen, we will not be able to reimburse your expenses for purchasing new rims.

• damage or theft of state registration identifiers;

• damage or theft of the car radio and / or removable front panel of the car radio,,

• damage to the upholstery and interior parts of the insured car’s interior caused by smoking or careless handling of fire in the insured car.

Example: If you allowed an old friend to smoke in the saloon, but the fallen ashes discreetly burned your favorite light beige leather upholstery in your new Bentley, then we will not be able to pay your expenses for restoring the upholstery.

• Damage to the car as a result of an earthquake

Still have questions? We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information and help you quickly conclude an insurance policy.

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