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Policy Coverage

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50

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Our insurance products include the most current risks, from which we are ready to protect you! On this page we have given the main ones on the CASCO product.

  1. Road Traffic Incident (RTI)
  2. Collision (hitting) with stationary or moving objects (structures, obstacles, animals, birds)
  3. Car rollover
  4. Any objects falling on the car (trees, snow, ice, etc.)
  5. Ejection of gravel, stones and other objects from under the wheels of the vehicle and subsequent damage
  6. Car falling into water
  7. Falling under ice
  8. Natural disasters excluding earthquakes
  9. Fire (including as a result of an RTI)
  10. Explosion
  11. Illegal actions of third parties

Our CASCO also protects against the risk of loss of a car and additional equipment as a result of theft, robbery or mugging.

It should be borne in mind that none of the parties can assume full or partial responsibility in the event of force majeure situations (floods, fires and other natural disasters, military operations, civil war, any type of civil unrest, strike, economic blockade). In such cases, the terms of the contract may not be fulfilled or postponed until a later date, depending on many circumstances.

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