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VMPTL: You break - we pay

Each car owner is well aware that, by law, if we break someone else’s thing, such as a car, we must compensate for the damage caused: either repair the car or buy a new one. Therefore, if the driver is found guilty of an accident and causing harm, he will have to pay. But only if you have not taken care of everything in advance.

By purchasing the VMPTL policy (voluntary motor third-party liability insurance), you increase the liability limit provided for by the CMTPL policy. The VMPTL policy provides for the liability of the insurer in the amount of 12.2 million drams. In most cases, this money is enough to cover all the damage. Thus, it turns out that you break, and we pay. Moreover, the price of the policy is a measly 5000 drams for the whole year. That’s how much we usually pay when we want to pour a little gas in the car.

Costs penny, coverage up to millions.

The amount of losses that we are ready to take on is twice as much as the losses stipulated by the compulsory insurance policy:

Personal damage - 6 million AMD for each victim and 18 million drams of RA for each insured event

Damage to property - 3 million AMD for each insured event.

We present the VMPTL product, the main idea of ​​which is to increase the amount of liability that the insurance company assumes instead of the car owner.

The VMPTL policy increases liability under the CMTPL policy.

Therefore, you must first purchase our company's CMTPL policy. The CMTPL policy is compulsory insurance of your car.

Are you interested in our product? We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information and help you quickly conclude an insurance policy.

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