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Policy Coverage

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50:24


We develop insurance products, taking into account the Armenian market. Therefore, our programs includes the most relevant risks, from which we protect our customers. On this page we have listed the main ones.

If an accident happened and you were found guilty, everything that you broke as a result, whether it was someone else's car or a shop window will be repaired by us. In addition, we ourselves will negotiate with the injured party, representing your interests, and will also assess the damage caused.

If you were unlucky and you have damaged an expensive car, repairs can cost a pretty penny. You know how expensive the parts and repair of so popular in Armenia Mercedes and Toyota cars are.

It may turn out that the car is not badly damaged, but the driver or passengers were seriously injured. This is also not uncommon, because we consider riding with fastened seatbelts to be “not cool”. And in the back seats they are often simply absent ... In such cases, if the CMTPL limit is not enough for expensive treatment, the VMTPL will cover the costs.

Are you interested in our product? We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information.

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