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We always have good offer

You know that LIGA INSURANCE is the largest company in the insurance market of Armenia. We have an extensive network of customer service offices throughout the Republic, more than 350 full-time employees, the largest number of insurance agents in the market.

Insurance in developed countries has long been an integral part of life. We are still far from the west, but the Armenian insurance market is growing, and we are constantly having new jobs. Therefore, we often have something to offer people of various professions and characters.

What qualities are important to us

The main thing we look at is the person’s ability and desire to learn. Market development leads to the fact that the demand for qualified personnel is always ahead of the market supply. This is natural, because to become a specialist you need to study at least 4 years. Therefore, we offer jobs to people who want and know how to learn. We have created all the conditions for training and development. In addition, we value employees who:

  • They know how to set goals and achieve them, even if at first glance they seem difficult to achieve.
  • Able to think quickly and make the right decisions. Believe me, this is not a whim - today's market requires it!
  • They are able to solve difficult problems and are ready to take responsibility!
  • Able to approach problems creatively, offer original solutions and bring them to life!
  • They know how to work in a team, because the tasks and goals we are facing cannot be solved alone.
  • And most importantly, of course, honesty.

If you are confident in your abilities and consider what is written about you here, send us your data.

What do we offer

  • The main thing that we can give is a constant, good salary. In addition, we value good employees and have developed a fair bonus system. Your actual earnings depend on you.
  • Another very big plus is stability. We have been on the Armenian market since 2008, and for many years we have been a leader.
  • LIGA INSURANCE is the largest and most well-known company in the market, and it is prestigious to work with us.
  • And, of course, it’s important not to forget that, working with us, you are raising your qualifications, and you have a great career opportunity

Do you like the prospect of working with us, in our large, friendly team? If yes, just press here to apply online.

Or call, we will be glad toanswer all your questions! Our phone number is + (374 60) 62-20-20, extension 1720