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Very many people have a desire to have a health insurance policy - this is the most popular type of insurance in Armenia, but until recently only a few could afford such a “luxury”. We are sure that health is not a luxury, and everyone should be able to buy an insurance policy. That is what we aimed for and developed a completely new product, MINIMED, which is not expensive, provides for compensation in the event of surgical interventions and is affordable for most.

Who can be insured
Any person under the age of 65 can insure under the MINIMED program.
The renewal of the contract is possible until the age of 70 inclusive.

How much is the contract

The cost of the insurance contract for 1 year:

According to the MINIMED program - 10,000 drams.

According to the MINIMED PLUS program - 15,000 drams

What is the difference between the MINIMED and MINIMED PLUS programs

  • The maximum payout on the MINIMED program is AMD 250,000
  • The maximum payout on the MINIMED PLUS program is 500,000 drams

The amount of compensation is calculated on the basis of market prices established by medical institutions of Armenia for medical services. So in most cases, your transaction costs will be fully covered by insurance.

What is reimbursed

Already in the FIRST YEAR of the MINIMED and MINIMED PLUS program, it provides coverage for the most common surgical diseases, which for some time may not cause much inconvenience or even be asymptomatic, and therefore, among a person who seems to be in full health, an acute condition arises that requires urgent surgical intervention:

General surgery

acute appendicitis, strangulated hernia, perforation of the digestive tract, intestinal obstruction, diffuse peritonitis


vein thrombosis of the upper and lower extremities

thrombosis of arteries of the upper and lower extremities

stratification or rupture of an aortic aneurysm







A complete list of diseases for which surgery is an insured event in the first year of insurance in Armenian can be found here.

FROM THE SECOND YEAR, insurance coverage also includes:

Surgical treatment of malignant diseases (in stage I) of various organs:

ovaries, uterus, prostate, stomach, intestines, kidneys, thyroid gland, andother organs

Inpatient treatment of common diseases:

stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, hepatitis A and other diseases

A complete list of diseases is available upon request.


We are not going to hide anything from our customers; therefore, we always honestly write that this is not an insurance case. And we never write anything in small print ...

Please note that the MINIMED and MINIMED PLUS programs have a waiting period. This means that the contract comes into force after a while. In our case, some risks take effect after 90 days. This is what allowed us not to require the client to undergo an expensive medical examination, reduce the cost of the program, and also made it possible to include some serious risks in the contract in the first year. Please note that when re-signing the contract, no waiting periods apply.

What documents are not needed to receive insurance compensation

  • We do not need documents confirming that you were prescribed surgical treatment
  • We do not need documents confirming that you paid for the operation
  • We do not need certificates that before the operation you were healthy


  • bring epicrisis or an extract from the outpatient card, which says that you had surgery
  • we need documents confirming the results of the studies (our expert doctor will tell you which one)
  • don't forget your passport
  • bring an insurance contract with you