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Auto Theft

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Step 1

Immediately, as soon as it became known about the hijacking of the vehicle, report the incident to the police.

  • You must file a criminal complaint.
  • If the car is equipped with a search and detection system, immediately activate this system and / or report the theft to the organization that services this system in the manner specified in the contract and / or instructions for the operation and / or maintenance of this system.
  • Call us immediately to Contact Center at the round-the-clock (012) 88-88-88 phone number.

Step 2

  • As soon as possible after an accident, you must fill out online Casco Claim Application on this site and provide the following set of documents:
  • Passport of a citizen of the Republic of Armenia (or a certificate stating that the passport has been seized) or another identification document (passport of a foreign state, officer’s ID, captain’s ID, military ID, passport, for minors - birth certificate).
  • Original CASCO policy (provision of a copy is possible if the vehicle is on credit)
  • If you are not the owner of the car - a power of attorney for the right to represent the interests of the owner in the insurance company, for individuals - notarized, for legal entities - signed by General Director and the sealed.
  • If the insurance compensation is not received by the car owner, a notarized or general power of attorney for the right to receive insurance compensation.
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (TS). If the car is leased - a leasing agreement, and if purchased on credit - a loan agreement.
  • Police notification about car theft.
  • A copy of the order on institution of criminal proceedings
  • Complete sets of key fobs, car keys, cards - active and passive activators of all electronic-mechanical anti-theft systems, keys to mechanical anti-theft devices of the car.

For detailed information contact our round-the-clock Call Center at (012) 88 88 88.