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Legal Entities

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50:24

Actions in case of an insured event for legal entities

Step 1:

1. Report the incident to the appropriate authorities:

  • Fire - Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Explosion - Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Water, heating or sewage system accident - Local administrative authorities, emergency service.
  • Penetration of water from neighboring premises - local administrative authorities
  • vehicle collisions - Road Police
  • falling of a tree on the insurance object – Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Natural disasters - Ministry of Emergency Situations, Hydrometeorological Center
  • Theft, robbery, robbery with violence, intentional destruction (damage) of objects of insurance by other persons - police.

2. Take all possible measures to prevent or reduce damage and to save the insured property.

3. Save the affected property as it was after the loss occurence.

Step 2:

Notify us of the event as soon as possible.

First of all, you need to file an oral statement about damage to property by phone (012) 88 88 88 (Round-the-clock Call Center).

  • Identity document (passport, identification card);
  • A power of attorney from the organization for the right to represent the interests of the Insured person in the insurance company (if the general director applies - the charter of the legal entity + a copy of the order on the appointment of the general director);
  • The original insurance contract (insurance policy);
  • Documents confirming property interest;
  • Documents of the competent authorities confirming the circumstances of the damage to the insured property;
  • Documents confirming the amount of harm caused (Estimation, calculation, other document).

For detailed information contact our round-the-clock Call Center at (012) 88 88 88.