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Medical application

If something happened to you, you must perform the following steps:

Step 1

Fill out the application directly on the website or call our 24-hour call center at (012) 88 88 88 and provide the following information:

  • First and last names
  • Contract number
  • The complaint
  • Contact phone number
  • If you have a preferred health facility, indicate the name

If the situation is critical, call an ambulance immediately at 1-03. Then within 24 hours call (012) 88 88 88, report what happened and provide the above mentioned information.

Step 2

You need to wait until the medical expert calls you back. You coordinate your actions with your doctor: where to go, whom to contact, what documents to take, etc.

If you visit a medical institution that cooperates with our company (see the list in the menu), it will be most convenient for you, since:

  • In these medical institutions we have representatives who will help you during your visit
  • Medical services stipulated by the insurance contract will be provided to you without advance payment, and we will pay the bills for these services
  • You do not have to collect documents confirming the provision of medical services and expenses incurred

If you visit another medical institution with which we do not have a cooperation agreement, you will need to pay for medical services yourself, collect all medical and payment documents, and submit them to the Personal Claims Settlement Center in Yerevan, at Vardanants str. 15/61. After that, you will receive reimbursement in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract. You can download the list of necessary documents here.

You can obtain more detailed information by calling us at the round-the-clock number (012) 88 88 88.