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In a difficult moment you will not feel alone in a foreign country

Product “Visitor” - affordable insurance with optimal insurance coverage.

The product “Visitor” is intended for both individuals and legal entities. It protects foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Republic of Armenia and NKR from such unforeseen expenses as medical expenses and expenses on civil liability to third parties.

The insured persons can be foreign citizens temporarily staying in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and NKR for a period not exceeding 3 months per year, under the age of 65 years. The product involves a simplified version of the contract.

Our advantages

The product “Visitor” includes:

within the framework of the relevant program, reimbursement of all necessary expenses related to the occurrence of an unexpected illness by the Insured Person, an accident or harm to life, property and / or health of third parties,
constant insurance premium during the term of the contract. We take the risk of increasing the prices of medical services provided by medical institutions,
the availability of their own round-the-clock dispatch service allows insured persons to receive qualified medical advice. You can apply for emergency medical care at any time of the day, regardless of the location of the Insured Person,
high level of services. Assistance with leading medical centers allows us to guarantee the provision of prompt and high-quality medical services to the Insured in the best territorial medical institutions that have qualified specialists and modern medical equipment.

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