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We have nothing to hide! We want you to know exactly when buying our product in which cases insurance does not provide protection. The main exceptions to insurance coverage are listed on this page.

The following travel expenses are not paid under a standard travel insurance contract:

Expenses that have not been agreed with us in the manner prescribed by the insurance contract
You intentionally harmed your health, or harm caused at your request by another person
Your health condition worsened as a result of drinking alcohol, unauthorized use of drugs or psychotropic substances
The costs of treating sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or HIV
Professional occupation by you in dangerous sports.
Your appeal to a medical institution has occurred regarding examination and treatment with the aim of achieving and maintaining pregnancy, unless it is a question of saving the life of the mother and / or child.
If the purpose of your trip is to visit honey. institutions planned treatment.
An appeal to a medical institution occurred for a mental illness or cancer, with the exception of the first diagnosed.
An appeal to a medical institution occurred due to a chronic disease, with the exception of cases related to saving your life, etc.

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