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Don't leave your travel expenses to chance. Protect yourself from unexpected expenses with our insurance policy.

Every trip has risks. Even a cold or toothache can cost a lot. With our insurance, you don't have to worry about paying!

Our travel insurance protects you from risks like unexpected medical costs. We find good clinics, arrange doctor visits, and help you when you're in a new city. No stress!

Our travel insurance provides:

  • Fast and good medical care
  • Choosing a licensed clinic
  • Seeing a skilled specialist
  • Fixing paperwork problems
  • Help with talking to medical staff

Medical help up to 30,000 euros
Our affordable international travel insurance covers medical expenses up to 30,000 euros, which suffices for the vast majority of cases, even in expensive destinations like the US and Europe.

Transportation costs
Our insurance covers the cost of getting you to a hospital or home. It also covers the costs for unaccompanied children or a family member to help you. We'll arrange special transportation if needed.

Baggage protection
Connecting flights can cause delayed or lost luggage. Our insurance covers you for these situations.

Our strengths:
We know a lot about insurance, and people trust us. Our experience helps us keep you safe during any trip. Many people choose our policies every year!
Interested? We'll give you more information and help you get an insurance policy.

Call us at (012) 88 88 88!