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Driver's Ultimate Accident Protection
Navigating the roads can be unpredictable. Safeguard your journey with our premier "Driver" accident insurance. Beyond just a policy, it's a promise – to you, the driver, and every passenger aboard, ensuring peace of mind in every mile.

Why Choose "Driver" Insurance?

Comprehensive Coverage: Whether you have car insurance or not, our policy envelops both drivers and passengers, prioritizing human lives over vehicles.

Accessible to Many: Aged between 18-70 with a driving license? You're already qualified! Passengers desiring coverage? We've got them too.

Who We Can't Cover (Yet)

  • Individuals classified under Disability Category I & II, including specially-abled children
  • Persistent neurological or psychological conditions
  • Registrants at specialized health centers like psychiatric, narcological, or tuberculosis institutions
  • Those under intensive medical treatments or in recovery
  • Patients diagnosed with AIDS or related disorders
  • Persons with legal restrictions or in detention facilities
  • Individuals requiring round-the-clock care

Your Shield Against:

  • Any unforeseen physical injuries
  • Recognition of Category I & II disabilities, and acknowledgment of "Disabled child" status
  • The unfortunate demise of the insured
  • Occurrences due to:Sudden accidents
  • Unexpected toxic exposures (chemical or animal origin)
  • Respiratory obstructions by foreign elements
  • Accidental drownings
  • Medical emergencies like anaphylactic shock
  • Severe body temperature drops (hypothermia).

Cost of the Contract

Affordable Peace of Mind Embrace premium protection without the premium price. Kickstart your journey with the "Driver" insurance initiative, with rates as appealing as 3000 drams.

Secure Tomorrow, Today! Don't leave your safety to chance. Dive into a world where every journey is protected. Choose "Driver" – because every trip deserves a safety net.