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Property Insurance

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50

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The facilities of a property complex play a significant role in the activities of an enterprise. The entrepreneur's task is to ensure the safety of facilities, as well as create conditions for safe maintenance and operation. Damage, destruction and loss of property can dramatically worsen one’s financial condition. To protect your company, you can purchase comprehensive insurance coverage against risks such as a disruption of production, damage to machinery, as well as other risks specific to your business.


  • A unique comprehensive offer designed specifically for legal entities.
  • The optimal ratio of price to insurance coverage.
  • An individual approach to each client and their needs: you yourself choose both the insurance object and the necessary package of risks, depending on the level of income and preferences.
  • The ability to simultaneously conclude insurance contracts against the main risks that jeopardize the very existence of the enterprise or business. Due to the possibility of providing special cross-discounts, the acquisition of insurance coverage at the same time as a “single package” will cost you much less than the conclusion of separate insurance contracts.
  • Simplicity in registration: calculation of the insurance premium is unified and takes several minutes.
  • Flexible tariff policy: well-thought-out insurance rates help minimize the price of the insurance contract.
  • Effective loss settlement: on the basis of experience gained in working with legal entities LIGA INSURANCE offers an optimized loss settlement process: minimum terms for paying insurance compensation with a minimum list of documents submitted upon the occurrence of an insured event.

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