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Training & Education System

Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50

Today Everybody needs to constantly learn something!

One of the priorities of the LIGA INSURANCE company is to facilitate the development of the insurance sector in Armenia, where the issue of qualified personnel is a challenge today.

Employees of the company constantly undergo special adaptation training, all conditions have been created in the company to improve their skills.

Much attention is paid to youth. From the very first day of its presence in Armenia, LIGA INSURANCE established nominal scholarships for students studying insurance business. The number of universities whose best students receive scholarships is constantly increasing.

We regularly hold an essay contest for students. Many of the winners work in our company and even head departments today. Thus, the company not only invests in education, but also provides support to young talented students, encourages their desire for a deep study of the profession, thereby showing social responsibility in practice. LIGA INSURANCE will continue to pay close attention to this issue, because educated youth is the main potential and hope of our country, our nation.