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Page updated 21/05/2024 18:50:24

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As part of the business development strategy, LIGA INSURANCE Company established VR Corporation International, which has been operating in Los Angeles, California, USA, since April 17, 2019.

  • Established – April 17th, 2019, founder 100% “LIGA INSURANCE”
  • Location - California, United States of America
  • President - Danil Khachaturov


Discovering opportunities in the largest market with the Armenian diaspora in the United States. More than a million Armenians live in the United States mainly in California, which is a giant market of opportunities for all types of insurance and related medical services.


  • Investment strategy
  • Assets and insurance reserves management
  • International business relationships and risk management
  • Health insurance related medical services
  • Health insurance assistance (for local native Armenians)


VR Corporation International and LIGA INSURANCE Company has signed and started investment agreement implementation

Investment in BioCorp Clinical Laboratory expansion

BioCorp Clinical Laboratory has been operating in California since 2006. It provides clinical reference laboratory services such as blood testing, testing for women’s health conditions and infectious diseases, and pathology testing. BioCorp uses latest medical technology innovations, such as mass spectrometry and molecular testing, as well as reliable culture and stain techniques. The company also has been providing COVID-19 testing since the pandemic started in 2020.
By virtue of financial support and consultations of the LIGA INSURANCE, the largest insurance company in Armenia, and in cooperation with VR Corporation International, in addition to the existing 10 offices, the laboratory plans to open 25 new locations throughout California.

Investment in the construction of medical centers

VR Corporation International and LIGA INSURANCE Company has developed medical centers universal project. Location research and construction of medical centers in California will begin in the near future.